Peanut Butter Blintz

on my chalk board these are a few of my favorite things - - - - - >

"no know" - R Stevie Moore
Legendary DIY producer songwriter video maestro who's thrown up more than 400 tapes in his 40 year career.

Escalator Over the Hill, a chronotransduction by Carla Bley and Paul Haines shit i guess i like acid jazz.

Porest - Prude Juice for the Heritage Swinger (this shit cripples me. a friend just sent it over. does anyone know who this guy is?? finditfinditfindit

Edan - Echo Party. This felt like a novelty buy as it was the first CD i've picked up since fiddy cent's The Massacre came out. . . i just couldn't keep loitering at the listening station at soundscapes any more

Joe Meek - an even older school producer who was pitch shifting tracks that sound like Dan Deacon back in 1959.

and now. . .
the intruMENTAL of Peanut Butter off my Parrot Talk VHS dropping this summer. these girls are some inspirational shit. i learned to double dutch on tour in saskatoon. we watched these video's at like 4am or somethin and Lief (this song's for youuuu) busted out a jump rope so we headed into the middle of the saskatoon road and put out hard. . . i totally sucked at it though, these 10 year old girls'll have you fooled that cartwheeling into a blender comes naturally. . .