VHS Release and Goodbyz

DOLDRUMS PARROT TALK VHS. 22 minutes of breaks scrapes and videos and weirdeos. Limited 50 copies on white shell VHS encased in the loving embrace of alex mackenzie and dimitri karakostas' artwork. thx to dooods at Ministry of Truth for putting this out cuz no one else has the gallbladder.

Send an email to milo.ministryoftruth (at) gmail.com to order the tape and rad package. Or grab one a show while I got em.

Download just the mp3s HERE for free. you will not get to hold it.

an now now that i've spent the last month editing tapes in a dark room. . . i'm gon go catch a wave and be sitting on top o the world tourcationtourcationtourcation


With POCAHAUNTED, the Deep and Wet Nurse for Wavelength
June 10 at the Music Gallery, Toronto

June 13 Special Screening at location TBA, Toronto

With Pangea & Phedré gonna have fun fun fun in the cali sun
June 19 The Barbershop, Seattle, WA
June 24 Davis, CA
June 25 The Storey House, Santa Cruz, CA
June 26 LoBot Gallery, Oakland, CA
June 27 The Lodge, San Luis Obispo
June 28 Santa Barbara
June 29 House Show LA
more dates coming soooon