i made this song while circulating around the big M during POP montreal last week, and recorded it there with Sebastian Cowan on his 8 track reel to reel. i am still licking my wounds from that weekend... the small world montreal pulse hypnotizing us and rotoscoping us to cartoonification mayonaise and gravy on everything. tho i played 3 out of 4 nights i was there i still managed to catch the best cream like LIARS and DEERHOOF and the climax just builds when you go to get a coffee to wind up for the onslaught of the coming morning and it's already two days from today and the woman bartending is from Les Georges Leningrad and of course everyone you've ever made eyes at is sitting in the corner and the doorgirl at Silver Door says IT'S cuz there's no Fluoride in the water like, oooohh

i made the video out of something my friend ali showed me,